We believe in creating the highest quality skin care that will improve your skin condition. We only produce skin care that actually works without compromising on quality.

We believe your skin care should be straightforward and uncomplicated. That’s why we only use the highest quality cosmetic oils and Oxofulleram.

You will not find parabens, filler products, added perfumes, colorants, preservatives or other chemicals in Combray. We also do not use ingredients whose extraction is at the expense of humans and animals.

Combray is not tested on animals, and it is also vegan.

We do not sell Combray in countries where animal testing is allowed.

To prevent components from plastic dissolving in your oil, we only use glass bottles and glass droppers for your Combray.

We try to be as aware as possible of our living environment and we try to keep our impact on the environment as small as possible.

The packaging of our products can be recycled and the filling of our packages is biodegradable.

We produce in small batches. Each individual batch is tested and then filled and packaged by hand in order to meet our high-quality standards.

About us

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We believe in creating the highest quality skin care that will improve your skin condition Read more


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