Beauty routine for dry skin

Why does our skin get so dry?

May 28, 2020

Recently we have been inside a lot and this is reflected in our skin. Not being or being outside little causes skin discomforts such as dry skin, more wrinkles, pimples, and even eczema. Fresh air and trees are good for the oxygen level in your body and therefore your skin. You also miss sunlight when sitting indoors a lot. Too much of that is not good, but you need UV rays for Vitamin D, which is good for the immune system and your skin. To restore your dry skin, you can take a long walk through the forest and then give your skin an extra boost with a beauty routine. Read more about the beauty routine.



The new look of the Combray website

The new look of the Combray website

March 17, 2020

The website builders of Combray have worked hard and the result is there: the website of Combray has a completely new look. We are very curious about what you think. Do you have a comment or have you noticed a mistake? Positive or negative? Let us know at, that is appreciated!