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Do you have a mature, dry or dehydrated skin? Do you want to prevent skin-aging, or is your skin already suffering from fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots? Do you notice your skin can use a boost, because it looks dull and feels dry? Then the Rejuvenating Facial Oil is the perfect oil for you. This oil is also perfect if your skin suffers from psoriasis, eczema or skin flakes.

Avocado oil and Oxofulleram



What are the results
This powerhouse consists of a combination of Oxofulleram and avocado oil and is packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins A, C, D and E, beta carotene and Omega 3-6 and 9 fatty acids. The Rejuvenating Facial Oil is a full, calming and hydrating oil that prevents bad bacteria. The oil stimulates your collagen production, your skin will be hydrated, feels softer and will leave you with a soft and smooth skin. In addition, the oil ensures that your skin is less affected by flakes and stimulates scar healing.

Oxofulleram is a very powerful antioxidant that you can find exclusively in Combray. Oxofulleram has been developed to mimic the protective mechanism of your skin and works as a “radical sponge”. It protects your skin against oxidative stress caused by excessive exposure to the sun, air pollution and skin-inflammation such as rosacea, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Oxofulleram is many times stronger than vitamin E, and does its job where it is needed, namely directly in the skin cell. The result: a significant reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and redness, and big pores are minimized as well. All our Facial Oils contain a generous amount of Oxofulleram, which immediately explains the dark color of Combray. The color quickly disappears after you apply it on your skin. The various natural oils are chosen because of their own specific positive properties for your skin. The oils also ensure that Oxofulleram is absorbed perfectly into your skin so your skin will benefit the most.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply about six drops of Combray to your face and neck, gently massaging the oil into your skin. The oil will be absorbed into your skin almost immediately. If it doesn’t, try to use a bit less oil the next time. In order to have the best benefits of Combray, we recommend to use no other skin care products besides Combray. Just make sure that when you use Combray in the morning, you use good UV protection as well. After the first week, the skin may feel a bit dry. Since your skin needs time to recover from other products and get used to the oil, we advise you to use Combray for at least 30 days. If you have a question about the product or its use, you can always e-mail or call us.

32 reviews for Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil

  1. Tinus

    Ik ben heel tevreden met deze fijne olie. Zuinig in gebruik, makkelijk te doseren en geen extra oogcreme meer nodig. Ik gebruik het nog niet zo lang, maar mijn huid voelt gevoed en zacht aan en heeft een mooie glow. Het enige nadeel vind ik dat mijn beddengoed verkleurd, terwijl ik maar 6 druppels gebruik.

    • Combray

      Bedankt voor de mooie review Tinus! We vinden het fijn om te horen dat het product u bevalt en de huid er mooier van wordt. Het verkleuren van het beddengoed is een bekend ongemak, het heeft te maken met de werkstof in de olie en niets met de hoeveelheid olie die u gebruikt. We hebben u een mail gestuurd met een tips waar u mogelijk iets aan heeft.

      Stralende groeten, Rianne – team Combray

  2. Mieke

    I am very happy, I have not had such beautiful skin for a long time. In the beginning my skin had to get used to it. Now I moisten my face a little and then 5 drops of oil. I do have a question, where do I clean my face? You can’t find any of this on your site. Greetings mieke

    • Combray

      Dear Mieke,

      Thanks for the nice review. How good to hear that your skin is so beautiful! This makes us very happy.
      We recommend that you cleanse your skin with natural oil, such as jojoba or almond oil. We have sent you an email with tips for cleaning your skin.

      Kind greetings,
      Team Combray

  3. Lotte

    After my mother recommended I ordered the 2 minis. I am impressed with this miracle cure! I have dry skin with a tendency to rosacea and always suffer from small unexplained bumps. After using the oil, my skin is smoother than ever. Thank you very much, I will recommend it to everyone!

  4. Eva

    Very satisfied with this product! I have quite sensitive dry, dehydrated skin where products absorb very quickly, so I sometimes have dry / red spots. After using combray for a few days, my skin got used to the oil and the dry spots disappeared like snow in the sun! I recommend it 😊

  5. Laura

    The first product in my life that really makes a big difference! Over the years I get pigment spots (I’m 36yrs) and this delicious oil makes them a lot lighter. As a result, they can no longer be seen with a little bit of make-up! The oil is wonderful on my skin, not greasy and ensures that I have less dry lines, especially around my eyes. In short, I first found a product that actually makes a huge visible difference. I never want to be without it again!

  6. Petra

    The oil is a surprising product, but my skin became very dry, I now understand (faq) that your skin sometimes has to “reset” in order to achieve the best result. My skin looked much calmer after 2 uses.
    I will definitely re-order when my current brand runs out, it is well worth the investment!

  7. Saskia

    This oil is MAGIC !!
    I have been using this oil for 1 year now and I absolutely love it! It is a release but it is well worth it.
    Most oils have a capacity of 30 ml, this is double, I do half a year with it.
    My skin is older, rosacea, dry skin. My skin has really improved!
    I am a dermatology assistant so I also know a thing or two about the skin and care.
    I definitely recommend this oil. It gives you a nice glow, and takes good care of it even after a chemical peel it gives the care that your skin needs!
    Really a TOP product !!

  8. Lilian

    I use the Rejuvenating Facial Oil every morning and every evening and I love it, I see my skin improve! I don’t want to be without this product anymore.

  9. Lynn

    I have been using Combray facial oil for 3 months now. The results were already visible after a few times of using. I no longer have red skin, my skin has become much calmer and my skin has a more even tone. Dry spots have also disappeared completely. Super! After having used many different products, I can say that this facial oil works for my skin. I now mainly use makeup for fun and no longer to camouflage anything. Besides, this product also works very easily and you only need one product.

  10. Monique

    This product is a very fine facial oil. I tried all kinds of other high-end skincare brands, but after a few days, I knew this product works for my skin. My skin has a healthy glow and the tight feeling around my nose is gone. Of course, the purchase of the product is high in terms of price, but you no longer need another skincare product, besides an SPF. I am a fan of this product and will definitely order a new bottle before this one runs out.

  11. Esther

    I am 65 years old and have (literally) finished 30 years in the tropics and have smoked heavily, for 50 years. That did not make my skin any more beautiful: wrinkles, dull skin and what we call “sun damage” in the Tropics: brown spots, white spots, weird spots; you can’t escape it with light skin just below the equator.
    I have been back in the Netherlands for a year and…. stopped smoking.
    I spent a fortune on serums, creams, etc. and was triggered when I had read about Combray, I like simple skincare: good oil plus a special ingredient. Why not.
    It has to be said, my skin was already less gray after the nicotine stop, but two bottles of Combray oil did not miss their effect. The spots reduce, my skin has a nice glow and make-up can be applied perfectly. No, the wrinkles are not gone, but my skin looks good. Nothing makes you as old as a crackling skin with (too much) matte makeup. I have found the right product and this facial oil is a keeper. Even around the eyes (in minute amount) there is no irritation whatsoever.
    What do I do with my other serums? Just finish them bit by bit. After that, as recommended, the facial oil with sun cream. For now, I am very happy with my brown bottle.

  12. Ac Ruys

    After purchasing a miniature, I ordered the larger bottle of Combray. Combray is a beautiful skin care product and you indeed only need 6 drops, the facial oil leaves you with a nice glow and the color of the facial oil also makes you look better immediately.

  13. Jane

    It is a delicious oil and you only need a few drops. The oil quickly absorbs into your skin and gives you a nice glow. My skin feels hydrated and I do not suffer from dry and irritation spots anymore. I definitely will keep using this product.

  14. Anna

    A delicious and soft oil for my sensitive skin. From day 1 I did not suffer from dry and tight skin anymore. Combray is expensive but fortunately very economical to use. The oil is also a good basis for a cream with spf.

  15. Marjon

    I have been using Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil for 2 months and I am very happy with it. My skin has become super soft with a beautiful glow! I slowly see the few dark spots in my face fade away and I’m very happy with that. No product that I have used so far has achieved this. And it looks like it will happen with the Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil!

  16. Annemieke

    It is really a delightful product. I was a bit hesitant about the price, but since you only need a few drops and only need sun protection, it is definitely worth the investment. It feels great, it absorbs quickly, so don’t be afraid of a greasy glow, and I think my skin is already improving. A body lotion would be a nice addition to the range, because I think this formula would also work well against cellulite and stretch marks.

  17. Nancy

    I started with a miniature and didn’t tell anyone. I saw a difference myself after a week, my skin had a more beautiful glow, also seemed more even. After two weeks I received responses: “what did you do? You look good! “And:” what do I see about you? You glow more “. So nice!
    When I look at my skin with the magnifying mirror, I see that the finer lines are really less. I no longer have any dry spots. The oil is easy and pleasant to use. Yes, it is expensive but I first used a cleanser, day and night cream. Now water and Combray, delicious!

  18. Marjolein

    I have been using this oil for a few weeks now. I have to say, it is a treat for your skin. My skin looks younger and more radiant, wrinkles fade and discolorations disappear. Certainly worth every euro, great oil.

  19. Astrid

    I have become a fan. After starting with a mini version it soon became clear to me that this product really does something for and with my skin! I ordered the large version without hesitation and continued the care with 6 drops both in the morning and in the evening. I have the feeling that my skin has a kind of shine and that fine lines and spots are greatly reduced.
    The compliments I receive from my environment are numerous (radiant, healthy, beautiful and smooth skin) and confirm this image, so a satisfied user!

  20. Ankie

    After years of trying everything, I finally found a product that was beneficial to my skin. A delicious serum that has everything in it, quickly absorbed and with a fine structure. During the day, besides the serum, only sun protection is needed, a real treat for your skin.

  21. Jose

    Very happy with this new version of Combray. I have been using the Nourishing version for years now but my skin is currently very sensitive and dry; this Rejuvenating with avocado oil gives just a bit more at night. My skin is calmer and feels wonderfully supple. And you almost do not believe it, but those 6 drops are really enough for face, eyes and neck. So easy too! Only a sunblock during the day. Thanks Combray for another top product.

  22. Donna

    I have been using this oil for almost 4 weeks now and I can see and feel the difference on my face. It looks good and feels soft and smooth. I will definitely use it!

  23. Jolanda

    Since 4 weeks I use the Combray facial oil for dry mature skin.
    The 6 drops indeed give my face a wonderfully hydrated feeling.
    My pigment spots have not yet been lifted because of this, maybe that will happen.
    Although I think it is a very nice product.

  24. Nanet

    Super good product. You see improvement soon after use. I have virtually no problems with irritated skin and pimples and often get compliments that my skin looks good. It is also super nice that the oil quickly retracts. This product is highly recommended.

  25. Christi

    I use the delicious, gentle rejuvenating oil for over a month now. Because of this I do not suffer from dry spots and my skin feels wonderfully soft. It also seems that the wrinkles around my eyes have become less and the pigment spots on my skin too. A delicious product and I certainly intend to continue using it.

  26. Nieke

    Delicious oil that retracts well and gives a well-cared-for feeling. Foundation also looks better and stays better.

  27. Mo

    Earlier I used the Regenerating version of this wonderful facial oil and I was very enthusiastic about it. After a test of the Rejuvenating oil I started on a big package of this version and I can only think: had I done it right away! Because between these Combray products, I have diligently tried to use an (expensive!) Chanel product (Blue Serum) but that did nothing for my skin, on the contrary. I have a thin, dehydrated skin (as redhead) and have tried many expensive products, but only now I experience what it is like when your skin does not scream all day for more care. With Combray, my skin feels satisfied and fed, soft, smooth and calm, day and night. And I do not use my magnifying glass to study my wrinkles every day, but I swear I look a lot nicer. I recommend it to everyone!

  28. Conny

    A great product with an excellent result, I have been using it for a few months now and all my spots disappear.

  29. Nienke

    I use this oil for a month every day, alternately in the morning and in the evening. And it is indeed a delicious oil. The result is a soft skin with smaller pores. It absorbs quickly and gives a soft shiny skin, small spots and fine wrinkles have already faded. I wait a few minutes during the day before I apply a day cream with UV protection and make-up. That stays nice and tidy! You can basically skim all other products and only use this Rejuvanating Oil. I’m very happy with it!

  30. Ymkje

    The use of Combray Rejuvenating oil really surprised me. After just one month of use, I received a lot of compliments about my skin … I looked so good. It feels good as soon as you apply it. The skin relaxes, among other things, by the improving effect on the moisture balance of the skin. It’s absolutely an asset.

  31. Anneke

    I am 76 years old. I have a thin sensitive skin, which was a bit mottled, somewhat wrinkled and red. I have been using your “Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil” for over a month now and I have clear results, that is, my skin is a lot calmer in terms of redness. My skin is also fuller and more hydrated and also the brown spots have almost disappeared. I am very satisfied and very grateful to you. And I hope to continue to use your products for a long time! 🙂
    With a slightly more radiant greeting,

  32. Annemarie

    Great product that quickly absorbs into the skin.
    No clogged pores due to this oil.
    My skin is already better after 1 month of use.
    Less dull and more even in complexion.
    Do not want to be without it anymore.

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