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Do you want to take Combray to work or on the road? The Regenerating Facial Oil Miniature is perfect for your bag, office, or car. The bottles are small and enough for about 10 times use.

Do you have normal, combined/oily skin or suffer from a greasy T-zone? Having little problems with fine lines or wrinkles yet? Suffering from rosacea? Then the Regenerating Facial Oil is perfect for you as a complete daily skincare routine.

We would like to give you the opportunity to try Combray. With our Sample Package, you can try our three different oils. With your order, you will also receive a discount code of €20,- which you can spend on your next order. 


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Grape seed oil and Oxofulleram

What are the results
This light and airy oil consists of Oxofulleram and grape seed oil and is rich in antioxidants, resveratrol, beta carotene, vitamin E, and Omega-6 fatty acids. The Regenerating Facial Oil is anti-inflammatory and protects and soothes your skin, and also makes your skin age less quickly.

Oxofulleram is a very powerful antioxidant that you can find exclusively in Combray. Oxofulleram has been developed to mimic the protective mechanism of your skin and works as a “radical sponge”. It protects your skin against oxidative stress caused by excessive exposure to the sun, air pollution, and skin-inflammation such as rosacea, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Oxofulleram is many times stronger than vitamin E, and does its job where it is needed, namely directly in the skin cell. The result: a significant reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and redness, and big pores are minimized as well. All our Facial Oils contain a generous amount of Oxofulleram, which immediately explains the dark color of Combray. The color quickly disappears after you apply it on your skin. The various natural oils are chosen because of their own specific positive properties for your skin. The oils also ensure that Oxofulleram is absorbed perfectly into your skin so your skin will benefit the most.

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply about six drops of Combray to your face and neck, gently massaging the oil into your skin. The oil will be absorbed into your skin almost immediately. If it doesn’t, try to use a bit less oil the next time. In order to have the best benefits of Combray, we recommend using no other skincare products besides Combray. Just make sure that when you use Combray in the morning, you use good UV protection as well. After the first week, the skin may feel a bit dry. Since your skin needs time to recover from other products and get used to the oil, we advise you to use Combray for at least 30 days. If you have a question about the product or its use, you can always e-mail or call us.

11 reviews for Combray Regenerating Facial Oil Miniature

  1. Monique

    Hooray, finally after years of using all sorts of expensive and cheap creams from perfumery (my girlfriend was the owner) to combat my bumps, which I thought she was part of the transition.
    Until a beautician said, I think you have rosacea.
    And indeed, it turned out to be, after some research on the internet.
    I also found Combray via the internet.
    And luckily, as soon as I started using the Combray oil, these bumps disappeared very fast.
    I have been using this product since May 2019 and am really more than satisfied.
    I’m telling everyone about Combray, because everyone can have beautiful skin.
    I would also like to use it for the rest of my body after seeing such spectacular results in my face and neck.

  2. Tania

    I heard about Combray via social media. I was skeptical at the beginning since I have tried many things for years with no results (years of acne and rosacea). My skin felt much nicer after the first day. It looked much quieter, and hurray! after years I felt no subcutaneous bumps and/or itching! Can’t live without it anymore (and I don’t want it either) The best thing is that it is also vegan. Great!

  3. Tanja

    If you had told me half a year ago that I would only have one product (outside cleaning and sun protection), I would not have believed it. What a top product!! I am a critical user, investing for years in good (often above average) products. Because Combray is economical in use and makes other additions such as serums redundant, it is an advantageous product. But most importantly: it works great on fine (drought) lines, red skin and the general condition of the skin. Every woman deserves this! Men, by the way, too.

  4. Ellen

    I thought the price was a bit high at first but it’s worth the price. A beautiful product and delicious: no more full toiletry bag on holiday.
    My skin has become much smoother, the beautician also noticed.

  5. Kath

    I have been a super loyal user since its introduction in 2009. I have never been without a bottle in those ten years.
    I only use it in the morning after the shower; my skin immediately comes to life, looks nourished and radiant. Never again dry or red spots and if there is something on my face then the cure goes much faster than usual. Last Christmas I gave my daughter of 35 a bottle as a gift and she is just as enthusiastic. Combray, unlike many other products, really lives up to its proposition.

  6. Martha

    I have been using Combray Regenerating oil for 6 years (I am 70 years old) and I have to say that my face looks younger than that of my friends of the same age.

  7. Monique

    A friend of mine with a sense of cosmetics gave me Combray as a gift and said that I would end up being grateful to her. Meanwhile, about 3 months later and I am indeed devout!
    I have a thin, dehydrated skin and now the first side effects of the transition are merciless presenting themselves (skin drowsiness) this facial oil feels like a gift from heaven. Where previously my skin felt as if I had not smeared anything after an hour (and I have tried some nice expensive and pure products) she is satisfied with Combray all day. I am not someone who pays a lot of attention to the mirror, but I really mean it when I say that my skin looks a lot calmer and smoother. When it runs out I will try the Rejuvenating Oil in the hope that it actually stimulates collagen production. Nothing wrong with wrinkles, but still ?

  8. Janet

    I had read about Combray and decided to try it because the concept of 1 product with only two components appealed to me. At first I was enthusiastic, this became less in the second week because my skin became dry. Then I went to Curaçao and I continued to use the product in combination with my sunscreen and this worked out very well! Despite heat, sun and air conditioning in the bedroom, my skin remained supple and soft. Now after four weeks, my skin is smooth and supple with fewer spots and rosacea. I will definitely continue using Combray!

  9. Diewertje

If Combray suggests on their website to use their product before using botox, is a pretty pretentious promise in my opinion. I can now confirm that it will certainly be endorsed after using the beautiful oil on my face. My skin is ready for anti-age and a lot of hydration and also the Rosacea that often plagues my chin has become calmer. Too bad that there was so little in the sample, this absolutely tastes like more?!

  10. Birgit

    I find Combray a very nice skin care product. My skin has calmed down and red spots are gone. I now only use a cleanser, Combray oil and sun protection. No more hassle with lots of pots and tubes. I’m happy with it!

  11. Simone

    I love Combray! From the very first day I saw that the wrinkles and fine lines under my eyes visibly decreased, and my skin is a lot calmer and better. I am a big fan of golf and skiing, and when I apply Combray in the evening after a day on the golf course or on the slopes, my skin feels super soft and the redness disappears. Combray has a big fan with me!

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