A few years ago, Maureen van Veelen was approached by Prof. Kees Hummelen to bring Combray to the market. Kees has performed extensive research which resulted in the skin care brand Combray. He developed Oxofulleram. Oxofulleram – a powerful antioxidant and key ingredient of Combray – captures the damage of free radicals in your skin. Free radicals are generated by environmental factors such as sunlight, smoke, air pollution, and internal conditions such as inflammatory reactions of the skin. And as we age the amount of antioxidants in our skin also reduce.

By combining Oxofulleram with the best quality cosmetic oils, his revolutionary Combray was born.

Kees Hummelen let his wife, who always suffered from severe outbreaks of acne, try Combray and saw it worked. Her skin became flawless and since then she has never suffered from acne again.

Maureen: “When Kees approached me with the question whether I wanted to bring Combray to the market, I felt immediately addressed by his no-nonsense attitude to skin care. When I tried Combray myself, I knew: “This is really different!” Before I used Combray, my skin was occasionally restless and dull. But since I am using Combray, that’s history. My skin is soft, hydrated and glowing. My wrinkles and fine lines significantly reduced, as well as dark spots and pores.”

Combray has now grown into a high-quality brand in the cosmetic industry, both in the Netherlands and abroad. At Combray, we do everything we can to offer you the best possible skin care products. At the same time we are committed to stay faithful to our mission, which is to improve your appearance and health without compromising on quality.

Combray currently consists of three different facial oils, all containing Oxofulleram and a natural oil. Each natural oil is carefully selected for its own unique benefits to the skin.

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A few years ago, Maureen was approached by Prof. Kees Hummelen to put Combray to the market Read more


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