Combray Facial Oil consists of only 2 ingredients: a high-quality cosmetic oil with the uniquely patented Oxofulleram. It is a top-quality and pure product without any chemical additives that may irritate your skin. Combray helps to restore, improve, and protect the skin.

Combray Regenerating Facial Oil

Grape seed oil and Oxofulleram

We recommend the Regenerating Facial Oil for impure skin with conditions such as rosacea/eczema, psoriasis, and/or acne. These impurities can cause redness and scarring on the skin. The Regenerating Facial Oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is suitable for all ages, both for young (teenage) skin and mature skin with impurities. The Regenerating Facial Oil helps to even out the skin tone and reduce redness. Your skin will feel more comfortable, and over time, impure skin will become more balanced.

Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Avocado-olie en Oxofulleram

For combination skin (dry, dehydrated, and oily) with, for example, an oily T-zone, redness, and skin discomfort, we recommend ordering the Rejuvenating Facial Oil. Your skin will become less red, dry patches will be reduced, and your skin will look more even. After a few weeks, your skin may feel dry. This is the detox effect. During this period, you can apply a good SPF after using the Rejuvenating Facial Oil to moisturize your skin. The dry feeling will disappear after a few weeks, and you will notice that your skin is balanced again.

Combray Nourishing Facial Oil

Arganolie en Oxofulleram

If you have mature skin with some minor skin issues such as age spots, fine lines, or bags and dark circles around your eyes, we recommend using Combray’s Nourishing Facial Oil. This oil hydrates and soothes the skin. You will notice that your skin becomes more even, and age spots will fade. The luxurious, rich oil will be a blessing for your skin!


Discover Combray Facial Oils: a fragrance-free, chemical-free facial oil that contains only what your skin needs. These oils are designed to improve, soothe, and restore your skin while reducing redness. With Combray Facial Oils, you give your skin what it deserves: the best care without unnecessary additives.


Based on our research and customer experiences, we recommend one of the three Facial Oils for each skin type. However, your skin will need time to rebalance, and it varies from person to person how long it takes. Some notice a difference after a week, while others after two or three weeks. You can order the sample pack with three small bottles, one for each oil, to try which one feels best on your skin. You can also choose to order a small bottle (miniature) of one of the three oils and try it on your skin first. Not only that, but you can reuse the small bottles later by filling them without spillage using the pipette with the contents of a larger bottle. It’s handy to take with you in your purse for a vacation or just to work.

Would you like personal advice on which oil is best for your skin type? No problem, please feel free to contact us, and we will help you make the best choice.


Combray Regenerating Facial Oil

“A super nice product, it is the only skincare product that really works for me! The redness and the subcutaneous bumps/pimples/inflammations definitely decrease! When I use it properly in the morning and evening, my skin looks great compared to without Combray. I don’t want anything else anymore. Lately, I have been using it in combination with the cleansing oil. It seems to be even better absorbed then.” – Cindy

Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil

“Very fine product Absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy layer – very suitable for daytime use too! A few drops are really enough. First use a toner so that your skin is a bit more moist, then it spreads more easily;) In the winter, I also started using the nourishing oil in the evening as it nourishes the skin a little more, but the rejuvenating oil is more suitable for my specific skin needs. My skin is calmer than ever – I’ll stick with Combray!” – Jule

Combray Nourishing Facial Oil

“I’ve been using the nourishing oil for about a month now (also on my eye contour and neck) and I am very satisfied. It absorbs well, nourishes adequately, and allows makeup to be applied on top. My skin looks beautiful without any red patches, even though I am usually prone to rosacea. But I don’t have any problems with it anymore.” – Maxi