“Driven by Beauty,

Proven by Science”


At Combray we are committed to continuously
develop innovative skincare products.
We strive to use as few ingredients as possible.
Additionally, we use the best natural oils available
as a base for any of our products,
thus providing a natural luxurious experience.



6 drops to a healthier skin

Combray is a revolutionary skincare product containing Oxofulleram, a new and multi-patented antioxidant. Many years of innovation and research resulting in multiple patents worldwide. It works anti-aging, hydrates, calms en regenerates. Suitable for every skin type and suitable for skin discomforts such as eczema, rosacea, scars, and acne.

“My skin is calm, my pores are less visible and I have a healthy glow on my skin.”

Combray Regenerating Facial Oil

My skin has always been troubled and I have tried everything to calm my skin. Expensive treatments at the beautician, cheaper alternatives from famous brands that promise a lot and even tea tree oil … I came across Combray on Instagram and I started following this brand out of curiosity. I was shocked by the price, it is quite a lot of money and I had no idea if this would be it. In the end, I ordered the samples anyway and before they ran out I placed another order. My skin is calm, my pores are less visible and I have a healthy glow on my skin. I no longer use foundation 🙂. … need I say more? – Tanja

“Dry spots have also disappeared completely. Super!”

Combray Rejuvenating Facial Oil

I have been using Combray facial oil for 3 months now. The results were already visible after a few times of using. I no longer have red skin, my skin has become much calmer and my skin has a more even tone. Dry spots have also disappeared completely. Super! After having used many different products, I can say that this facial oil works for my skin. I now mainly use makeup for fun and no longer to camouflage anything. Besides, this product also works very easily and you only need one product. -Lynn

“Immediate effect is a soft, hydrated, and fresh skin with a beautiful healthy glow.”

Combray Nourishing Facial Oil

For my moist and low-fat facial skin with some finer lines, pigmentation spots and couperose, the Nourishing Facial Oil is really a lottery ticket. The facial oil feels very nice on my skin, leaves no fat layer, and the immediate effect is a soft, hydrated, and fresh skin with a beautiful healthy glow. Plus, I think there are only two ingredients in the product that together improve the self-healing ability of my skin so my skin is optimally protected against oxidative stress and less quickly ages. I have not used the product long enough (just 4 weeks) to be able to say whether it indeed reduces my wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation spots and redness, but I certainly believe in this. – Dorien