At combray we are committed to continuously
develop innovative skincare products.
We strive to use as few ingredients as possible.
Additionally, we use the best natural oils available
as base for any of our products,
thus providing a natural luxurious experience.


6 drops to a healthier skin

Combray is a revolutionary skin care product containing Oxofulleram, a new and multi-patented antioxidant. Many years of innovation and research resulting in multiple patents worldwide. It works anti aging, hydrates, calms en regenerates. Suitable for every skintype and suitable for skin discomfort such as eczema, rosacea, scars and acne.

“I have reactive skin, when I eat licorice or chocolate or drink too little water for a day, you often see that on my skin. Under the influence of fluctuating temperatures in my office environment, my skin often feels uncomfortable in the afternoon. My colleague gave me the oil from her goodie bag, from the Masters of LXRY. The package was in my bathroom for a while because I used products from my regular brand, but one day I tried it. It felt nice and I had been using it as a serum for a while among my other products until I read in the package leaflet that it can be used on its own. I started to do that. My skin feels a lot nicer now that I no longer use anything over it. My skin now is more balanced, I don’t need to do anything about it besides using the facial oil. Pricey, but very nice. I recently ordered my second bottle and even used it for the nasty spots on my daughter her face due to eczema-like rash due to nickel allergy. She even used it on her eyelids, gave immediate relief and the rash was gone quickly. – Combray customer